Due to extremely cold temperatures that are common in Prince Edward Island, there are steps necessary for keeping your cottage in operational order. Those steps involve opening and closing it for the season. Closing down your cottage in the fall and reopening in the Spring may involve more than you feel comfortable with or have the time for. That is why We Can Do That! offers seasonal cottage opening and closing services. We are members of this community too, and we are aware of the damage the weather here can cause. As professionals, we know all of the necessary steps to take to ensure your cottage is safe throughout the cold months in PEI. That is why we are trusted source of seasonal cottage opening and closing services in the area.

When you let We Can Do That! open and close your cottage, we go through a comprehensive checklist to make sure everything is sealed tight. We shut off all water and drain your plumbing lines, so they don’t freeze and break. Don’t entrust your vacation home to just anyone. Call on the seasonal cottage opening and closing professionals you can count on.

Our Seasonal Cottage Opening/Closing Experts Provide the Following Services

  • Plumbing Shutoff
  • Pipe Draining
  • Leak Inspections